Up until now your iPhone has been many things: cell phone, computer, navigation device, calculator, television, gaming console, camera, and book. But now your iPhone is your fencing foil! Challenge your friends and/or the iPhone AI to a full-fledged fencing duel or tournament. Your iPhone controls the sleek fencer and his gleaming blade. By swiping, tapping, and tilting, use a skillful combination of movements; parry and dodge your opponent’s attacks, find an opening in your opponent’s defense, thrust, and touché. With breathtaking 3D graphics and custom views, you’ll feel like a real live Olympic fencer (without having to purchase all the expensive equipment). Suit up, don your mask, and En Garde!
Available on iOS and Android! Estimated release date – late autumn 2015. Languages supported: English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

En Garde


iFencer game app offers a great gaming experience. So jump into action, hone your fencing skills, and experience the joy of swordplay.

Stay Sharp!


Fencing duels are not just a thing of the past. Live out the blazing swashbuckling swordfights from your favorite movies as you challenge a friend and slash your way to victory!

Feel The Thrill!


It’s a fast, fun, and furious contest where you’ll attack with fencing moves such as lunge, fleche, and thrust, while defending yourself with sidesteps, ducks, and parries!