The idea to form Ying Ying Apps, LLC originated in 2011 and the company was officially created on March 27, 2012. The name Ying Ying is associated with the fact that Thomas and Shirley (co-founders) both have this Chinese character in their names. “Ying” (穎) in Chinese means “clever” and therefore the company’s name translates to “Clever Clever” Apps in English. Ying Ying Apps, LLC represents a culmination of many of Thomas’ interests. Strategy board games have been a great passion of his since childhood. Many of his fondest and warmest childhood memories involve intense and hotly contested board games that took place during large family gatherings over the holidays. He is also an ardent student of history. When the iPhone and iPad came along, he saw the vast potential these devices have to bring historical and strategy gaming to a new level. Such an undertaking is not being taken lightly. The company fully realizes the immense time and effort it will take to produce the world-class game apps it has envisioned.

Who We Are


1. Thomas Lee – President, Manager

2. Shirley Lee – Manager

Our Business

Our business endeavors to build riveting game apps that one will consistently enjoy. We adamantly believe that through sincerity of purpose, company transparency, and fair treatment of all involved in the creation process; strong relationships with our programmers and designers will be formed. This in turn will result in the establishment of a pleasant, thriving, synergistic working environment that naturally leads to the development of exhilarating game apps.